NOTE: Our founding engineer role is now filled, but we will still accept and review applications on an ongoing, but slower, basis for the right candidate!

So you found us! Given where you’re coming from, you’re probably already the right archetype.

Trelent uses LLMs to break hard problems (ones not otherwise solvable by a simple prompt) into smaller, automatable pieces. We take a distinctly structured and hierarchical approach, a step away from the linear and ineffective methods that exist today. Think of it like a useful agent - though we don’t really like the term - that works well and which people pay for.

In aggregate, we’re looking for:

We have pilot customers in several industry verticals, thousands of users, and have venture backing from multiple firms. We’ve done this as a team of two, and now we want your help. We need one or two founding engineers to help us build out the product and scale our approach. We have a particular need for frontend/application-layer engineers.

We aren’t going to pretend there’s no risk - the likelihood that Trelent does not exist in two years is high, and we’re aiming for something big: enabling the next billion software developers. We think the best way to do this is to help people automate their work with LLMs, and in so doing let them focus on the creative and joyful parts of their job.

Current team


Meet Calum, founder of Trelent and wearer of all hats. He focuses on the frontend and LLM work, and sometimes pitches in on the backend. This particular photo is a rare case of him being away from his desk!


Meet Wyatt, engineer no. 1 at Trelent, and board game fiend. He focuses on scaling Trelent’s backend (and migrating databases way, way too many times).

We are currently a young team, and we value projects and skill over credentials and resumes.


Why is your website… not this? We pivoted our approach in May.

Where are you based? Canada, but you can be anywhere. GMT-10 to GMT+4 preferable.

What’s the role? We need a wearer of many hats - an engineer who can work across the stack.

What’s pay like? Base pay relative to geo, options 0.5 - 2%, great benefits.

How do I apply? Please fill in the form below.